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Sentrol, Inc. is interested in providing recommendations and solutions to all your sensor and control requirements. We are experts in the areas of pressure and flow control & sensing. Many of the product lines we sell are among the leaders in their fields. From pressure regulators and valves for Biotech, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical and general process control markets to flowmeters , transducers, gauges, analyzers, and gas purifiers, Sentrol, Inc. offers a unique array of sensor and control products. Below is a list of some of the manufacturers werepresent and distribute.

Northest Sentrol
Northest Sentrol

Luxtron Luxtron
 BioPharm, Chemical, Power, & Process Control
Low Flow Logo - Division of Jordan Valve
Low Flow Valve-
Low Flow Valve is a leading manufacturer of fractional flow valves. Whether you are in the market for just one valve or working on a long-range plan for growth and expansion, our exclusive representatives are eager to assist you. When valves which can handle fractional flow and micro-flow applications are needed, Low Flow Valve is able to meet your many and varied applications.
Fike Corporation Logo
Fike Explosion Protection Systems-
Fike is the leader in bringing patented, innovative technologies to the explosion protection market. When considering explosion protection for your process, Fike is uniquely qualified as the total solutions provider.
Sierra Monitor Corporation Logo
Sierra Monitor Gas Monitoring Systems-
Combustible Gas, Toxic Gas, Oxygen Deficiency. Sierra Monitor fixed gas detectors and flame detectors are used in industrial markets around the world. Gas detection products range from basic go/no-go gas alarm monitors to complete plant-wide hazardous gas detection systems utilizing digital RS-485 communications between the sensor and controller and multiple protocols enabling interface to existing distributed control systems and PLCs.
Jordan Valve
Jordan Valve-
Jordan Valve specializes in the manufacture of pressure regulators and control valves. Its sliding gate technology is recognized around the world for its unique features and benefits for steam service applications.
Fike Corporation Logo
Fike Pressure Relief Products -
Fike Corporation is the only source you need for accurate fire protection systems, fire detection systems, an extensive line of rupture disc (or rupture disk ) products and industrial explosion / dust explosion systems.
Steriflow Valve -
Steriflow Valve, a division of Jordan Valve: Steriflow Valve is the single source for high performance, high quality, sanitary valves. Steriflow has earned its reputation for quality through nearly two decades of success in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, cosmetics and clean process industries. We have the most experience in designing and manufacturing valves and steam traps with exacting performance and reliability characteristics.
Flow Technology
Flow Technology
Flow Technology produces flowmeters that use a unique and patented positive displacement design that combines simplicity with high accuracy.
Ashcroft is a world reknowned leader in the manufacture of pressure guages, pressure transducers, pressure switches, thermometers and other types of process instrumentation.
Marwin Ball Valves-
Marwin Ball Valves is well known for producing quality hand and electric actuated ball valves. Marwin can handle ball valve applications from 1/4" to 8". Economical, fire safe, multi-port, and full-port ball valves are offered by Marwin.
Hex Valve
Hex Valve-
Hex Valve is an industry leader of instrument manifolds, orifice block valves, gauge valves, needle valves and block and bleed valves.
W.A. Kates
W.A. Kates-
For over 50 years W.A Kates Company has been manufacturing flow rate controllers for every type of application under the sun. From air to zinc hydrosulfate, Kates controllers provide a simple alternative for numerous complex flow applications.
Sentrol Service, Inc.
Sentrol Service-
Sentrol Service, Inc. specializes in the sale and service of explosion protection & suppression systems for industrial manufacturing markets. A New England area distributor for Fike Corporation's explosion protection products and systems, Sentrol Service, Inc. prides itself on its strong familiarity with the demanding explosion protection requirements and needs of the biopharmacetical, chemical processing, wood and material handling markets. From custom engineering and project management to startup and system testing and certification, Sentrol Service, Inc. can handle your most demanding explosion protection & suppression system requirements.
 Microelectronics & Nanotechnology
Tescom High Purity Controls Division-
Tescom High Purity Controls Division manufactures and designs regulators, valves, and digital pressure controllers for Biotech, Fiberoptic, Microelectronics and Pharmaceutical markets.
Saes Pure Gas
SAES Pure Gas, Inc.-
SAES Getters is the world leader in gas purification systems, and analyzers for the microelectronics market.
Setra Systems is a market leader in the design and manufacture of Ultra High Purity pressure and vacuum tranducers for the microelectronics industry. Setra’s product line includes flow through, flush mount and down mount pressure & vacuum transducers.




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